Performance of Sustainable Finance

Performance of Sustainable Finance

Extend Financial Influence to Support Sustainable Development in the Society

To expand its financial influence, TCFHC seizes the opportunity to communicate with the general public face to face and actively promotes green financial products, services, and knowledge. In June and August of 2022, the Company participated in the “ESG Summit” and the “Asia Pacific Sustainability Action Exposition” respectively. Both events attracted tens of thousands of people, achieving not only the benefits of international exchanges on sustainability but also increasing exposure through media to increase social influences. The Company also closely exchanged with stakeholders, industries, government, academia, and the general public, to share the results of sustainability.

TCFHC offers green financial products such as eco-friendly credit cards, green investment, and finance, designing to be closely aligned with people's lives. The Company engages with the public through question games to convey the concept of sustainability in an interesting way. The venue also showcases TCFHC’s efforts in conserving energy and reducing carbon through actions such as green buildings, energy and resource management, and waste management in recent years. These efforts actively reduce the impact on the environment during operations. Through such exchanges and sharing, the Company invites everyone to implement environmental sustainability starting from daily lives.

Collaboration between Finance and Technology to Promote Green Transition

The “2022 Global Risk Report” published by the World Economic Forum shows that global implementation is still insufficient, and the risk of “climate action failures” has surpassed “extreme weather” to become the foremost risk among all risks. “Sustainable finance” has become a new field of knowledge for the financial industry's business development. By taking the lead in expanding ESG practices, the financial industries will also drive other industries and customers to pay more attention to ESG, driving a positive cycle of a sustainable financial ecosystem and promoting coexistence and mutual prosperity among finance, enterprises, and the social environment.

Therefore, since 2021, TCFHC has joined the “Finance x ESG Research Networking Platform” co-established by the Taipei Foundation Of Finance, the British Standards Institution (BSI), and Google Taiwan. At present, more than 20 major financial holding companies, securities companies, and insurance companies in Taiwan have invited representatives from the industry, government, and academia to participate in the “industries panel discussions for exchanging and sharing information.” The discussions are held once every 2 months to discuss and provide suggestions for promoting the sustainable development of Taiwan's financial x ESG ecosystem.

In February 2023, TCFHC served as the rotating Chairman and discuss how the financial industry can bring solutions to the national security and social crisis due to aging and low birth rate. Hopeing domestic financial institutions can accelerate to keep up with the world, the Company has also invited a professor from National Chung Hsing University to discuss “nature-based low-carbon solutions” and explore how enterprises can use natural carbon sinks to move towards net-zero and whether carbon sinks can be exchanged for carbon credits and other issues.